You are redeemed to enjoy a glorious lifestyle

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Thank God for taking us through the school of divine wisdom all through the month of June and I believe that each one of us shall begin to walk in the reality of the wisdom from above, with undeniable proofs from this time onward, in the name of Jesus  Christ, Amen.

But what is God saying to us in the Winners’ family in this great month of July 2019?

Just last week, a prophetic word came to us at the recently concluded International Ministers Conference hosted here at Canaanland, saying; “within the next five weeks, everyone shall be stepping into supernatural realm of next levels.” This implies that, there shall be supernatural order of breakthroughs,leading to dramatic change of levels in our lives, both as individuals and as a Church. But as we all know, every prophetic word only impact on whosoever believes – Luk. 1:45

For example, it is written;“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: SO IS EVERY ONE THAT IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT.”Jn 3:8

In other words, every child of God is born a wonder to his world– Isa. 8:18

That is, the supernatural is the natural realm of everyone that is born again– Jn 3:8

But miracles are no accidents; they are the deliberate acts of God, in response to the desperate faith of men– Mat. 9:27-29/ Mak. 10:46-52

However, it takes faith to see the miracle-working hand of Godat work in our lives– Mat. 9:27-29/ Luk. 8:44-48
Not just faith, but UNSHAKABLE FAITH–Mak. 11:23/ Heb. 11:32-34

The stronger our faith, the higher our level of command of the supernatural– Mat.8:8-10/13

Signs and wonders will turn any stinking situationaround to a glorious testimony, at the command of faith. – Jn 11:39-44

We understand from scriptures that, it takes being God-confident to be in command ofthe supernatural– Phi. 3:3/ Act. 14:3/8-11/Dan. 3:16-18/26-29

All through this month, we shall be exploring the hidden forcesbehind the command of the supernatural, which is key to accessing our realms of ‘next levels’as ordained for us in this prophetic season– Pro. 1:5/Col. 1:9/ Act. 19:20

Furthermore, we discoverthat everyone that experienced dramatic change of levels in scriptures, got there through the manifestation of the supernatural.
Examples here include:Joseph,Nehemiah,Daniel,Shedrach,MeshachandAbednegoand among others. –Psa. 105:17-23/ Neh.5:14/ Dan. 6:10-30/ Dan. 3:16-29

I believe, there shall be multiple dimensions of ‘next levels’order of testimonies in our midst, both as individuals and as a Church this month in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are all hereby admonished to position ourselves for the delivery of our prophetic turnaround packageall through this prophetic season

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