How Pastors Keep the Anointing and Burning for God

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A man of title without mantle will end up in battle.

Men of fire are not known by titles but by mantles.

You can't carry this fire and be hidden, you can't carry this fire and be struggling in ministry. Impossible!

Your church is not growing and you are comfortable with that? I didn't say you should go and join them in Babylon and run ministry with juju, Sir, there is God in Bethel.

Are we not tired of falling and breaking chairs level of anointing?

A woman came to your church with cancer and still went home with the same sickness?. Is that not mockery to the name of the Lord?

We need encounter that open doors for higher realms Fire yayaya...,

Have you ever wondered why when you go for a program and comes back your desire will be burning for God but after some days.

You begin to notice that you are getting cold? It is because you lack CONSISTENCY.

When you don't care to rekindle your fire, your altar will definitely get cold.

Once you are cold you will be opened for any attack by the enemies.

Practice the word of God, the word of God is practical.

Study the word of God, have target everyday of how many chapters or verses you will be studying.

Embrace a fasting life, waiting upon the Lord always.

You need power? How about your prayer life, how long do you stay in the place of prayers?

If you pray about 1hour before increase it to 3hours or 2hours now.

That is how we generate prayer power oo

What about midnight prayer? Oh that one is very important, don't joke with it sir.

And above all things pursue after righteousness and holiness.

Flee from sexual immorality, A carrier of fire can never be a carrier of immorality or stagnation.

If you carry fire we will know, fire comes with evidence. Fire doesn't come to negotiate.

It is not about speaking empty tongues. Go on your knees you need this fire.

Once you carry God your generation will look for you ooo

Holy ghost comes with fire and there can't be manifestation without power. He is not just for speaking in tongues.

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